Factory Simulation

Unique to the Grasp10 range is the seamless integration of the (optional) 'discrete event'/process simulation module.

This allows simulation of a single process to be extended or incorporated within the wider context of the processes and events around it. For example, an engineer can investigate within the same model the interaction and relationship of a robotic application within a wider manufacturing environment.

This is achieved by the combination of:

  • Accurate 3D solid models.
  • Physics-based kinematics, motion and event handling.
  • Concurrent process or 'discrete event' simulation.
  • Support for manufacturing systems, conveyors, factory layout and networking.
  • Object based attribute modelling for product tracking.
  • Robotic application menus.

The result is a total solution for manufacturing or factory simulation, where complex concurrent processes are validated for product flow and bottlenecks. Results can be presented using a range of dynamic statistical graphs, report generation and factory fly-through presentations.

Simulation of a warehouse showing loading and unloading bays as well as storage and picking areas.