Additional Modules

Grasp10 can be tailored to meet client specific needs, using a number of fully integrated add-on modules.

Simulation of a welding cell at a U.K. university using a Kuka robot.

These include:

  • Robot application modules with specialised high-level tools for efficient programming. These include Arc welding/Deburring, Palletisation and Spraying.
  • CAD data exchange for 2D, 3D, solid and surface based geometry in a range of file formats (STL, IGES, DXF, VRML).
  • Discrete Event Simulation.
  • The Conveyor Design module allows conveyor systems to be easily created and simulated. Conveyor sequencing and layout are easily accomplished and transfer of items along the conveyor layout is handled automatically. Adding sensors allows full control of product flow and the integration of the associated materials handling equipment or robots.
  • The Inter Process Communication option allows for robot joint values to be exchanged dynamically with the robot controller.  This can be used  for either direct telerobotic manipulation or virtual monitoring of the robot arm.
  • Socket access can be used to transfer into and out of Grasp to communicate with real world equipment.