BYG Systems is a market leader in software solutions for robotics and automation.

With over 20 years experience and hundreds of customers world wide, our advanced 3D simulation tools are renowned in industry, research and education.

BYG has worked closely with a wide range of industrial partners to develop our unique range of software tools and services.

Simulations of press handling using Kawasaki robots and of machine loading using a Kuka robot

Today, the Grasp10 range of products leads the way for robotics simulation, offering advanced PC based solutions for cell layout design and analysis, process planning and off-line programming of robots.

Applications for Grasp10 include:

  • Layout planning: Grasp is used by robot vendors and automation system integrators to plan and design factory processes. It is possible to simulate a complete production line with multiple robots working in tandem.
  • Optimisation: Grasp is used for simulating and improving existing manufacturing processes. Grasp can be used to re-program a robot cell reducing down time and improving profitability.
  • Teaching: Grasp is used in education to support courses where it is not cost effective to purchase multiple robots or equipment. It is used to simulate automated cells and to teach principles of robotics and automation.
  • Research: Grasp is used by many institutions and research centres world wide for research in the fields of robotics, automation and logistics. Applications include the ability to simulate new robot designs and  novel systems.