Demonstration Videos

You will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or above installed to view these demonstrations. This can be downloaded from Adobe's site at:

Select the videos below to view illustrated simulations developed using Grasp10.

Graphical simulation of an industrial robot.

Door gluing application with a single robot keeping the tool perpendicular to the surface.

Graphical simulation of a warehouse.

Warehouse simulation for design and optimisation of operations.

Graphical simulation of a robot used in a medical situation.

Medical application with a robot manipulating components in an experimental clean room environment.

Graphical simulation of a welding robot.

Pipe Welding application using a gantry robot to weld a sadle joint between two pipes.

Please note: the graphics in the above videos are of a lower quality that than those avaliable in Grasp10. This is due to compression for display on the internet.