Our History...

  BYG launches Grasp10 as a unique PC Windows based low cost simulation tool.
2005 -2006
BYG collaborates closely with Rolls Royce in the development of rapid prototyping technologies for surface metal deposition.
2003 - 2004
BYG participates in the EEC EFTCoR project. Environmental Friendly and Cost-effective Technology for Coating Removal - a new technology for the ship repair and shipbuilding industry.
2000 - 2003
The areas of application for Grasp are extended to include integrated discreet event simulation. New areas include warehousing design and planning, conveyor systems and production planning.
1995 - 2000
A number of new releases launched from Grasp (versions 6 to 9) including manufacturing applications such as welding, palletising, macro welding for the ship industry and spraying.
1990 - 1995
BYG participates in a number of European projects, involving R&D in robotics, standard simulation and rapid manufacturing technologies. (EEC projects: NIRO, IQUASP and Interrob).
1987 - 1991
Grasp is adopted by over 50 universities throughout the UK and Europe for use in teaching and research in Manufacturing Technology.
1984 - 1987
 Grasp is adopted by leading industry organisations, such as Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and engineering consultancies such as Taylor Hitec.
BYG Systems is established, supplying simulation solutions to industry.