BT Industries signs up for version number 2 of Virtual Warehouse solution

November, 2001

BT Industries Group of Sweden, a worldwide leading manufacturer of electric and manual warehouse trucks, has just confirmed a brand new deal with BYG Systems to develop a second version of the bespoke sales presentation software 'Virtual Warehouse'.

This latest announcement intensifies BYG's international profile since the Swedish based manufacturing giant has enormous reach across the globe, comprising nearly 70 companies scattered worldwide and distribution channels in around 55 countries. Acquired by Toyota in Japan, BT Industries Group is also linked with a large number of independent distributors, which ensures BYG's software gains exposure to a huge potential audience.

'Virtual Warehouse' assists sales advisors by its ability to plan and produce 'on the spot' warehouse scenarios for potential customers, who can then visualise at once how BT Industries products may feature in their warehouses. The interactive tool combines a library of 3D products by BT Industries and technical data to create the final result; a virtual reality demonstration.

The first version of 'Virtual Warehouse' has had an excellent response with approximately 50 global users employing the tool effectively. BYG and BT Industries envisage Version Two will continue the success enjoyed with Version One.

For further information please contact
Simulation Department
BYG Systems Limited
Telephone: 0115 9252221

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