BYG wins European Project

September, 2002

BYG Systems has recently secured a significant contract to participate in the delivery of the 'EFTCoR' project, a four-year programme under the European Commission GROWTH initiative.

Working in collaboration with eleven partners from six different European countries, each party will contribute to the project to develop an innovative industrial technology. This new initiative will be employed by shipyards worldwide to improve the process of hull cleaning and blasting in the maintenance and building of ships. The technology will ensure the cleaning procedure is more cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly- all critical issues currently challenging the ship building industry.

BYG's Grasp2000 application will be used as a platform to create the software, which will supervise and control the robotic application as it manoeuvres and executes the blasting process. BYG's software will contribute significantly towards the success of the project since it will enable simulation and testing of task feasibility prior to carrying out the cleaning procedure.

The new deal follows BYG's successful involvement in a number of European projects over the past 10 years.

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