SMD Marketed by Rolls Royce

October, 2005

The Shaped Metal Deposition (SMD) project which uses BYG’s Grasp robotic simulation software to off-line program robots is now to be marketed by Rolls Royce.

SMD is a rapid manufacturing process producing fully dense near-net shaped components; it is capable of depositing complex welded structures in a range of materials. Customers will benefit from the extensive research and validation carried out within the project and its proven ability to deliver significant savings.

The advantages of SMD include: large cost reductions of up to 50% vs. traditional methods of fabrication of components, up to 80% reduction in lead times, flexibility to easily adapt to design changes, ability to fabricate a part from a CAD drawing in a matter of hours and deposited components requiring limited tooling and surface finishing.

SMD is ideally suited to the production of aerospace, petrochemical and automotive components in stainless steel, Ti or Ni alloys.

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